When Good Men Do Nothing

Mens Rights Sydney

On the 23 April 2014 the law firm Bean, Kinney & Korman, contacted a voice for men in regards to the Chris Mackney suicide note posted on their forums some weeks earlier & issued them with a take down demand. If you are not familiar with the back story, you can get up to speed by reading this article.

Until AVFM received the notice, they had no evidence that the suicide note was even genuine. However, by sending AVFM this take down request, Chris Mackney’s ex-wife Dana, through her lawyers, has done the MHRM a big favour by giving us some pretty solid evidence that the suicide note is, in fact, genuine.

So under what authority is Dana Mackney demanding that AVFM take down the suicide note of a man to whom she is no longer married? Believe it or not, she is making a DCMA Copyright claim of all things! Her lawyers contend that Chris Mackney’s Suicide note is…

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