The ABC drops the ball…then trips over it…& breaks their leg in 3 places

Mens Rights Sydney

The ABC is usually renown for it’s quality journalism but with this article , Ursula Malone & Juanita Philips, the two clowns responsible for this dog turd in a paper bag of an article, have reached new depths of idiocy, the likes of which have rarely been seen before outside of the casts of the more asinine reality TV shows. How supposed professional journalists can be so gullible & so lacking in basic journalistic fact checking skills is completely beyond me.

This entire travesty of journalism was initiated when Tracy Howe, Chief Executive of Domestic Violence NSW, created an online petition calling for “zero tolerance” (whatever that is supposed to mean) on Domestic Violence and urging the Prime Minister to “host a national summit with state premiers and key stakeholders”.

And the reason for this? Well, according to her, DV in Australia has reached epidemic proportions. EPIDEMIC she says!

I will take a…

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