Open letter to the victims of Brauer College

On Wednesday, the 24th of March, some of Brauer College teachers apparently felt that committing child abuse was the answer to stopping sexual assault. when I heard this information like your parents, I was angry however I felt the need to tell you something they might not have. What happens next is not up to your parents, it’s not up to your school, and it’s not even up to me.

Whether you know it or not, you have been given a choice. Resist or accept the abuse. If you resist, then you will undoubtedly be told multiple times to shut up in numerous ways. This can include being told to “man up” or “you have no idea what it’s like being a woman,” or “you have a lot of growing up to do.” 

I’m guessing that almost everyone in your life is making excuses why you should not be angry. I want to tell you I understand if you are because you have every reason to be as far as I’m concerned.

When your abuser is a man, you’ll generally have societal permission to defend yourself. This is not the case when it’s a woman. Even daring to talk about it can become taboo, so every time a woman abuses you, you will have to decide if the fight to stop her from doing it again is worth it. Sometimes you will have to determine if the follow-up abuse makes it even worth talking about. I must warn you that this could be one of these times But take heart; if you choose to resist, we will be behind you all the way.

Unfortunately, this is not the last time you will have experiences like this in your life. It’s probably not even the first time either. 

Maybe on the school ground, you argue with a girl. She’ll respond with your disagreement with kicking you in the balls, or you’ll see a girl bullying or attacking a boy who uses a wheelchair to get around as he can’t even walk.

Maybe when you’re a little older, a drunk woman will randomly punch you for no apparent reason. 

By the time you’re 30, you will have enough stories from you and your friends that you could probably write a book about all of them.

The world would be a better place if we all spoke up openly and honestly when abuse occurs. When we stand up for ourselves and the people around us, it can stop it from repeating. However, it takes bravery, but the feeling you get for standing up for yourself and knowing your value is worth it.

For future reference, if you wish to resist female abuse, you must follow the following three steps.

Retreat: If you are directly involved, Deescalate the situation in as many ways as possible. If you are witnessing it, then skip to steps 2 and 3 

Record: Try to record with your phone; if you cannot video record, start by trying to keep detailed notes of the event. If you are a witness or bystander, it’s best to record with your phone.

Report: Tell trusted friends and trusted authority figures so they may recall the dates and approximate time of the abuse for future reference. When ready, escalate to either a principal if you’re in school or the police if you’re not. If you are a witness or bystander, offer a witness statement and a recording if you have one.


It’s time to finish this fight: there will be times when it will be necessary to advocate for yourself loudly. To ensure that everyone understands that what happened to you was wrong, to fight back in a way that the women who abused you know never to do that again. If you resist this abuse loudly enough, you may stop any other boy in Australia from experiencing the same thing you have. What your abuses have done is start a fight. I want you to understand that you should never follow their example, you should never start a fight…. only ever finish one. 

This is winnable. What happened to you was more than merely “inappropriate.”

Your abusers had the false impression that they had the moral imperative to force you to apologise for crimes of which you have not committed. 

What happens next is up to you, but justice would be demanding consequences for actions those who did commit abuse to name, shame, and fire whoever was ultimately responsible; in my view, nothing less than this demonstrates that your principal understand the severity of what has happened here 

You can contact us here on the contact form at the bottom of the page or Facebook.

We would need information such as the names of the teachers who participated in the abuse. As well as contact information for other boys and/or their parents who wish to resist. 

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