About Us

This site is for all those interested in men’s rights activism in Australia

Mens Rights Australia’s mission is to:

  1. Serve as a central hub & nexus for men’s rights groups all over Australia that wish to be part of our alliance
  2. Provide advice & support to newer and/or smaller men’s rights groups
  3. Provide ongoing collaboration & support to all affiliated groups.
  4. Promote & grow affiliated sites
  5. Maintain a central repository of Australian men’s rights groups & a convenient method for interested parties to find them.
  6. Encourage individual activism throughout Australia
  7. Raise awareness in the wider community about the largely ignored and unreported discrimination that exists against men and boys in our society in a large number of key areas.
  8. Provide accurate peer reviewed information, statistics, & resources to anyone who is interested, in order to back up our arguments & to counter the many widely held, but factually incorrect, myths about gender that exist in our society & that are often promoted & repeated by gender ideologues.
  9. Lobby for the elimination of gender specific legislation, to be replaced with gender neutral legislation that does not favour one gender (male OR female) over another, and to oppose  further attempts to enact any new such legislation.

Contrary to what you will often hear…

  •  We do not hate women – Yes, we criticise feminism but this does not make us misogynists. Although the two are often conflated, feminism is not synonymous with women. The latter is a demographic, the former is an ideology. At one time feminism had legitimate grievances & it affected some much needed changes. However, since 2nd wave feminism came to prominence in the early 1970′s, and radical political feminists rose to positions of power & influence within key government, academic, & social institutions, feminism has devolved into a dogmatic ideology of hate, discrimination, female supremacy, & man bashing that uses a narrative of perpetual victimhood, & the full weight of the state, to enforce it’s discriminatory policies, all the while claiming to be fighting for “equality”. We do not believe that women are nothing but rudderless victims in need of special assistance in order to compete with men, we have a much higher opinion of women than that. While we don’t think that women are the epitome of evil to be hated & distrusted at every opportunity, we don’t believe that women are angelic beings that are worthy of automatic preferential treatment & immune from all criticism either. What we DO believe is that women are human beings & as such are every bit as capable, & as flawed, as men are. Mens Rights Sydney does not discriminate on the basis of gender in any way. In fact, if any women out there recognise that men are treated unfairly in many areas of society, I encourage them to join our group. They are more than welcome to do so.
  •  We are not trying to take away women’s reproductive rights – We do however believe that men should have some reproductive rights as well, such as the right to legal paternal surrender if they so choose. At some point in the future it may be true that we have one or more pro-life members. That, however, will be their business & not the official view of Men’s Rights Sydney.
  • We are not homophobic – Our interest in homosexual men ends with them being men. Their sexual orientation is none of our business & of zero interest to us. Being gay does not make them immune to the discrimination faced by all men and that is our focus, not their sexual habits. Straight, gay, lesbian, trans, whatever, we just don’t care. What’s between your legs & where you choose to put it is none of our concern. All we care about is what’s between your ears & what you choose to do with it.
  •  We do not promote or condone hate, violence, or intimidation – Many men have experienced horrific inequality & injustice and are, quite understandably, very angry. Anger & venting is to be expected & is a natural & healthy human response to injustice. That said, anyone advocating or attempting to incite violence, be they a member or a visitor, will be promptly shown the door. No exceptions. Furthermore if we have reasonable cause to think that you are likely to be planning a violent act, the police will also be notified. That’s just how we roll, take it or leave it. At Men’s Rights Sydney we fight with words & facts, not weapons. Besides, we can do far more damage to gender bigots by shining the light of truth onto them than we could ever do through physical violence. Violence will achieve nothing, it’s the truth that our opponents really fear.
  • We are not claiming that men are oppressed – Likewise we do not believe that women are oppressed. Outside of specific isolated cases, if you have lived your entire life in a prosperous western democracy you have never been oppressed & likely have no conception of what true oppression is. What we ARE saying is that women are not the only gender that faces discrimination. Both men and women face discrimination and neither one is uniquely privileged or discriminated against, they are merely privileged or discriminated against in different ways. The difference is in the attention that these get. While society is quick to recognise & address the problems women face, it is highly reluctant to address the problems faced by men.

The Men’s Rights Movement is a rapidly growing one &, thanks in no small part to the blatant bigotry, hatred, violence, & irrationality consistently on display by gender bigots, along with their penchant for censorship, our issues are starting to get traction in the mainstream media as well as in the wider community.

Come & join us or, like those that opposing human rights for black people in 1960′s America, you may find yourself on the wrong side of history. In the immortal words of Martin Luther King…

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”

Not only are the facts on our side but we also hold the moral high ground. This is why the Men’s Rights Movement will eventually be victorious.

One thought on “About Us

  1. You need women to run your activism and this woefully under resourced website. Listen, Fathers are committing suicide after their lives have been ripped apart and they are left alone because we’re not really interested in supporting one another as men.
    You need to get to the Dad’s and get their stories, we need to know there is help and understanding, the victims of family violence and reversed discrimination are so many and yet undefined and unidentifiable as anything representing a GROUP.
    It’s not men’s rights, more particularly it is FATHERS, you idiots, sorry but everything I have read here this morning sounds like it could have been remastered by a feminist group, weak and insipid.
    Here’s a thought, PAEDOPHILE is the most disgusting creature on the planet, right? WRONG. A mother who would falsely accuse a Father is the most disgusting and one that would use that to blackmail her husband whilst they are married is INSANITY and cannot be allowed. Paedophilly. Henceforth, one or the other absolutely must go to jail for such despicable behaviour.
    Please stop trying to defend your right to exist and attack because equality does not exist, it is a fallacy contended by women who can’t piss their names in the snow.
    What a shit, shit homepage, really shit.

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