We are currently looking to make contact with as many Australian MRAs as possible and to set up meetings in as many capital cities and regional centres as we can with an aim to advising and assisting any interested parties in setting up regional men’s rights activism groups. Eventually it is our hope to help setup groups in every capital city that will operate independently in their local area, and under the banner of the Men’s Rights Australia umbrella group, nationally. In this way we hope to get the best of both worlds, local groups that are plugged into their community and can respond to local issues, as well as the combined strength of a coalition of Australian groups that can respond as a single entity for broader national issues.

So, if you are located in Australia and interested in men’s rights, please contact us. Even if you have no desire to take part in activism yourself, please contact us anyway, just so we are aware that you are out there and we can let you know of any significant developments in your particular area.

Please be assured that all personal details will be kept strictly confidential.

Existing Men’s Rights Australia Member Groups

New South Wales

Men’s Rights Sydney


Men’s Rights Melbourne


Men’s Rights Brisbane

South Australia

No groups as yet.


No groups as yet.

Western Australia

No groups as yet.

Northern Territory

No groups as yet.

Australian Capital Territory

No groups as yet.


8 thoughts on “Activism

  1. I cannot believe there is no representation in QLD. I have recently become a volunteer advocate with #ABF. I am in Gympie, a regional town 2 hours North of Brisbane. I continue to have my rights abused and neglected by authorities even though I try and use appropriate channels to resolve DV and family court matters. I am fed up with inequality and gender bias against men.

    • While there is no legal help for men in Australia yet, there is a Men’s Rights group in Brisbane working to change your lived reality. Currently a ‘y’ chromosome is enough for a guilty verdict.
      As frustrating and soul destroying what you’re going through is, we need men and women who will fight alongside us to change our society. And changing it is, quite quickly.
      They are organizing a Men’s Rights social BBQ for a Sunday in February right now for all the people who came to the screening of The Red Pill on the 14th of January. I know it’s a fair drive from Gympie
      There is much to do and organize, as you’ve found out the hard way. You have my empathy. Been down my own road, brother.
      We’re also organizing the International Conference on Men’s Issues for June, 2017 on the Gold Coast. Come and spend some time with MHRAs from all around Australia and the world.
      If any of this is of interest to you, please message as on Men’s Rights Australia, Men’s Rights Brisbane or Bryan Scandrett II, face book pages.

  2. Is there any groups over here in the west?
    I have not had as hard a journey as some.
    But I see alot of friends that are being destroyed. I want to help. But I don’t know how.

    • Sorry for the extremely late reply but we only got the email notification of your comment today for some reason there are currently no meet ups in the west of Sydney, however, I live towards Blacktown I would be happy to start one if you are willing to show up

    • Hi David. Despite several attempts, unfortunately we have been unable to get anything up in Perth as yet. If you are interested in starting something up we would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

      If this is the case, please let us know. We have a nearly a decade of experience now so we are starting to get this activism thing down a fine art. We can definitely give you a lot of advice to help you avoid wasting time and resources.

      Hope to hear from you again.


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