There are a wide range of issues that negatively affect men & boys in our society & Men’s Human Rights Activists are concerned with them all. However, it’s obviously not practical to actively address every single issue at once so we tend to focus our attention on the issues that are the most damaging & widespread. Below is a list of these issues. It’s not exhaustive, & is in no particular order, but these are among some of the most important issues facing men & boys in western society today…

The following video is of a recent TEDx Youth lecture in which many of the above points are explained & addressed…

3 thoughts on “Issues

    • Imagine commenting this on a feminist website, you would be publicly ridiculed and dismissed and at worst doxxed. The reason why is because it represent the problems men face in this sexist society, and also because these ideas are easily dismissed by an individual making these topics hugely underrepresented.

      • have you commented “why can’t these be human issues?” on a feminist website? I told want to tell you that you’d have a different answer than you think you would but I feel like you would.

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