If men are ever going to be on equal footing with women where kids are concerned, male contraception is something that has to become a reality.

While there are hormonal based contraceptives in development, a safe, effective, & reversible hormonal contraception method for men is still a couple of decades away, at least.

We have done quite a bit of research into this topic & it is our belief that Vasalgel is the best hope for men in the short to medium term and, with adequate funding, could be as little as a 2 or 3 years away from becoming a reality.

Unlike hormonal drugs, Vasalgel does not actually interact chemically with the body at all. Instead it exploits the slight negative static electric charge that sperm cells have to filter them out of the semen as they pass through the Vas Defrens. It physically stops the sperm cells, and only the sperm cells, from passing through.

In fact, Vasalgel is not even considered to be a drug, it is instead classified as a medical device. This makes it far simpler, & therefore inherently safer than chemical contraceptives, and the path to market will be a lot faster due to the fact that the long & expensive trials that drugs need to go through are not required in this case.

Vasalgel is currently in the final stage of animal trials & has been shown to be reliably safe, effective, & reversible. It is hoped that human trails can begin as soon as possible.

To this end, I urge you all to please consider donating to The Parsemus Foundation to assist them in getting there. The amount needed to bring Vasalgel to market is tiny compared to the development costs of most pharmaceuticals. Currently they only need $60,000 to complete the animal trials so your donation will actually be a significant portion of that needed to make it a reality.

$60,000 to make male contraception a reality? That’s a stone cold bargain if you ask us. Help us make it happen!


Mens Rights Australia

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